Denmark to Jerramungup

Really just did the tourist stuff until afternoon today.  Beautiful region is Southwest Australia.  Lot’s of wineries and accommodations.  Took a great ride through the hills around all the wineries through the grapes and forest of many types of gum trees and evergreens.  Stopped by the Green Pool and took a look at the Elephant rocks.

Margaret River to Denmark

Left the worse place I have ever stayed this morning.  I still have to give my review to and whoever else I can tell.  Once I got on the road though everything was great again.  The road from Perth to Margaret River had some very nice scenery also.  Hiked up the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse today.  Got an image of the lighthouse off the visitor info building in Margaret River and one that I took at the lighthouse.  On the way to Denmark I was inundated with Wineries, Bed and Breakfast’s, wineries, lodges, wineries, luxury lodging and more wineries.  The green pool and the elephant rocks are on the map of sites to see when visiting.


Perth to Margaret River Feb. 5th

Got to see the Australian mascot today, before leaving Perth.  A little island in the Swan River.  I wandered around for a long time thinking where are these critters.  Then headed south toward Margaret River WA.  Stopped a few places along the way.  Every time sign said tourist route I took it.  There are plenty of road signs here but street names don’t appear very often.  Got a look at Paron Point.  Very cool you could see so deep into the water.  Looking at the ocean floor and the way it changed from one place to another.  Major wine region for Australia.  I found a backpackers hotel and many of the people here are working the vineyards.  They come from mostly European countries.  Work a bit save some money head somewhere else.  Had a conversation with a young Italian guy.  He said it so expensive if your a bit short of full time you just can’t save.  I stopped for petrol in Cowaramup.  The station attendant was wonderful.  She guided me to a few things here in MR.  Made it to Surfers Point for pictures at sunset.  Aslo got a good vegetarian burger at Baby Burger.  If your in the neighborhood it might be worth a stop.  One of the best buns i have seen on a burger.  I hate it when the bun just falls apart and you only have a soggy mess left.  Got a great sunset off Surfers Point.  Internet is so slow I can hardly update text.  The next couple days I may try updating a bit by phone.  I will be hitting the extreme southwest then start along the Great Australian Bight.  I don’t expect much service tomorrow or the next.  The following I should be back to a real town and ready for a nicer room then I have had so far.  I have had a bed each night whereas I was shooting for camping tonight but the road was rough on me today.  

City bus tour January 30th

Early day today as not sure what to expect for transportation  to the Telangana State Tourism office.  Picked up an Uber downstairs just after 5:00 AM.  Once I realized how easy and fast it was had some time for a coffee off a street vendor.  After that cup I am going to make a point of searching these guys out. First stop on the tour was Birla Mandir.  Hindu temple built high on a hill overlooking this big lake with four fountains and a man made island with a giant statue in the middle. Looking it up the lake is called Hussian Sagar.  The statue is of Buddha.  The first thing they did here was take away my shoes, socks and electronics.  No pictures so what you see here is hijacked from another photography.  Next stop was Chomahalla Palace.  Another location where they just don’t like to you to take photos. I do have a couple that you will see.  One of a couple drums, proclamation drums in honor of one of the Nizam”s.  Next we are off to Charminar.  I do have pictures here.  To get up to the upper reaches here you walk up a set of very narrow stairs the circle inside the towers.  The stairs were a bit easier than climbing inside the Baobab tree.Following Chaminar we headed to the museum.  The Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad.

Golkonda, Iranian tea and the tombs.

January 28th Hyderabad

Krishna and Ganesh show up early and we head out to see the city.  First stop is Golcondra Fort.  The building of this fort started in 1518.  Built on the highest spot in Hyderabad.  The region had some of the most successful mines in the world.  You may have heard of the Hope Diamond?  Many other famous jewels were mined and traded here.  Kohinoor one of the largest in the world weighing in at over 105 carats.  That’s a lot of carats.

In the garden area in one of the pictures below is the market where the diamonds were sold.  There are 7 tombs for the 7 rulers that reigned on the period the fort was in use.  The door here is the oldest working door in the country.  This is part of a double door main entry.  The access to the door comes from a path on the side.  From the front there is a big wall.  This wall was built to prevent attack.  giving a small space from the side the elephants used for ramming cannot get enough speed to do damage.  Above the door is an access hole to pour burning oil if the party at the door is not welcomed.

Today we also came across the famous Boabab tree.  This little guy from Africa came here several centuries ago.  Estimated to be over 400 years old.  I tried to tell Ganesh and Krishna to “look” but don’t touch!  Not sure why it’s so dark in there.

Purdeep and the Old City

Pardeep Singh Rathore; Tourist guide for the Jaipur region.  He does tours in English, Spanish and Russian.  Of course the local language.  He comes from the Singh lineage of warriors.  He is continuing his education on tourism and knowledge of the history of Jaipur.  If in town I would highly recommend him.  20180126_122122

My visit to Jaipur

Driving into Galta Ji I was introduced to Rohit.  This is the Monkey Palace.  Home to 37 monks their families and a few assorted others.  Rohit lives at the temple his job is to care for the Monkeys.  Also let me ride the route up the the sun temple on the little Honda. Rohit explained that this is very famous been on many national geography shows and star of Youtube.  Also you can find them staring in their own series on Netflix, Monkey Thieves.