Thoughts after returning home

I have always felt that there is no better place to be then here in America.  This particular location just east of Seattle is a pretty damn good in the best county in the world.  My journey led me almost 8,000 miles around Australia.  I spent some time in the largest cities but most of it in the small coastal towns on the south and east coast of the country.  Just before returning home I met my daughter and we drove from Auckland to Franz Joseph then took a train to Christchurch in New Zealand.  There were some major differences that were immediately apparent.  Australia is almost the same size as the continental United States.

Apollo Bay to Torquay

The rest of the way through the Great Ocean Rode.  This is where all the tourist from the world appear.  By far the most popular site that being the 12 Apostles.  Very beautiful, these rocks on the coast of the Bass Straight are just amazing.  12 apostles due to the time they believe there might have been 12 of these.  Currently there are eight.  James, Matthew, Mathias, Judas, John, Paul George and Ringo.  You will also see London bridge in the below pics.  Also a great MC rider I met just before the GOR, Hamish.  We rode a few days together including the Rode and a few days following.  He had come from Perth like me heading across this BAC (Big ass country.  Another one of the “Lone Wolf’s” living on the rode for weeks at a time.


Robe to Apollo Bay

Made it to the Great Coastal Road.  This is the road the Australia and the world call one of the best in the world.  The best view I have ever seen is at the Bight.  The Great Australian Bight is about as nice as it gets.  The only view I can remember that compares is looking at the Grand Teton’s from the east.  There is a resort on the east side of the mountains that I saw the best view of my life before the Bight.


Robe to Port Fairy

Pulling into Robe a waterfront park full of food trucks looks like the dinner stop.  Checked into the local Caravan Park.  After unloading and starting to head to the beach a bit a rain started.  Within a few minutes is was like an afternoon squall in Orlando FL.  Running from cover to cover I made it to a little “take-a-way.”  Loaded up on the local fresh fare and swam back to my covered hideaway.

A couple day’s in Port Elliot

March 7th One Mile (Port Stephens) to Yamba

Had one of the best meals of the trip in Coffs Harbour for a late lunch.  Great salad and calamari.  Great chips also.  Funny about chips in Australia.  Out side of the big cities chips are big fat fries.  Fries are not heard of down here only chips.  So next question?  what do you call chips like the ones in the bags at the stop and rob?  Aussie answer to that one is “Chips!”

February 15th, 16th Port Elliot

Stayed around the area today.  Took a ride out to Cape Jervis to the West.  Then a ride to the east to Goolwa.  Cape Jervis is where the ferry goes out to Kagaroo Island.  This island is one of the top tourist destinations in the land down under.  You need about 4 days to see the island as well as a four tired vehicle.  At least I was not ready to spend 4 days touring an island with ver little paved road on the bike.  I figured I am going to hard enough on it and myself over the next few weeks.

A beautiful place on the waterfront.  I had a room to myself at the YHA backpackers.  Left my hat at this place.  Steve the guy running the joint sent my hat to Melbourne YA 1,000 KM later I picked it up and life was all in line again.