Food and Drink

Ah, wonderful food. What would life be like if we were not always ready to experience something new to tantalize our taste buds? After being here in India for most of a week I figured out that I can’t just add food and drink to existing pages. With my love for food and cooking I hope you enjoy this page.

Dinner in our Cabin in Port Stephens.

Made a nice dinner at “home”  after a day of local touring.  Salad, rice, shark, Taraglin and Tim Tams. Happy to have dinner at home for a while.  Will make an early breakfast and head north.

Made it to Sydney

They have food here.  Ruth found a place that was on the top 10 list.  We had a full brekky there.  Ruth had a pancake like one I have never seen before. The next couple days were just had a simple takaway.  Brining back some good pastry, egg and bacon tart and a spinish and feta pie.

OK, see if I can add some food pics. and then tell a bit about them.  Breakfast in Port Lincoln on the 13th along with some Prawns for dinner, Can’t say Shrimp in Aussie land.  Oysters from Coffin Bay.  If not for the Oysters that would be a pretty dead town.  Pasta being made at the camp kitchen in Ceduna.

February 3rd Food in Australia, let’s say I just got here and going to figure it out.  It did not take long to realize prices are crazy.  $10.00 for less then a half liter, about 12 oz.  Bought some fruit from the grocery store.  Skipped on the avocado as it was $7.99 each.  Took a ride out to Cottesloe found some fish and chips.20180203_172119.jpg

Food in Hyderabad:  World famous for their Bryani.  This dish dates back to the Nazim period of Hyderabad.  Starting around 1720.  I had if more then a few times.  This is truly a dish I would like to master.  Other items including; dosa, idli (so light and fluffy) they should make the batter the day before so the white puffy dish just melts in your mouth.  Puri is a staple that can be part of any meal.  I enjoyed lots of this at the restaurants in the hotels.  Never forget you must have chutneys with each dish.  Another favorite is the doughnut looking dish called Gulab Jabun.

February 2nd

A lot has happened in the food arena in the last couple days.  Ganesh was helping me schedule a cooking class when Puja and Sonya stepped up to give me a real class in true Indian cooking.  First thing you should know is to give your spices a good fry before adding your onion, garlic, ginger and anything else.  Here are a few pics. from my education.  We made Paneer Burji Chicken Curry Roti and other dishes.  It did not end there either.  A couple great dishes with Ganesh’s family including Aloo Bonda.  This one along with Pnaeer Burji, Chicken curry and Gunta Ponganalu.  Of course now that Sonya taught me the secret to a great roti that will become a staple.

January 30th As I arrive early for my bus tour of the city the darkness fades as the Hyderabad sunrise warms the city. I am early so I wonder the streets until I find the perfect coffee cart. I have a nice small glass of coffee. Yes a glass, in the old days it would be used for some amber spirit. Today it is coffee, Hyderabad style. I get change from my 10 rupee note.  I will work on smiling while taking a selfie.  At least my tongue is not sticking out.  As I head back to the tourist office a friendly citizen helps me find where my bus will show up. I stumble across a door and behind it find a small restaurant. I don’t understand much Tangalu but somehow receive another great breakfast. 100 rupees, just over a buck. They throw in a cup of tea.

January 29th

Dinner with Mohan kumar, great to have friends to show you around.  Had to get there first.  Look he has a helmet on.  Apollo fish and a mushroom curry.  Curry image missing but will say hard to believe that  a mushroom curry would be as good as it was.

 January 28th

Iranian tea and cookies. I could leave the tea but then found dipping the cookie in the tea worked out well. Cookie was nice and not very sweet. A Thalia, several small dishes on one plate. A nice pile of Naan with each meal works fine. So for I prefer the garlic Naan. A few breakfast meals of not quite sure but very good. Omelet’s are popular for tourist breakfast, but not for me.

As you guessed Chutney’s restaurants in Hyderabad famous for their Chutney. We were served 6 different types, three spicy tow mild and one sweet made of fresh coconut and coconut milk only. These chutney’s are designed to go with the different dishes served at the restaurant. Everything here made of rice flour. In the first pic we have a doughnut looking dish that is not as sweet but much better then most doughnuts (apple fritter exempted).