Characters along the path

Where in the World is Jim  

February 13th See if I can find some people I have met since last update.  Lady’s at the gas station in Cowaramup who steered me in the right direction for food and sunset in Margaret River.



February 3rd

Finally got to meet Peter.  I showed up at the shop just about noon and met Peter who was one of the first guy’s in Australia that I talked to.  Many emails back and forth we worked out the deal and I rode off a bit later on a FJR1300.  Here is Peters first response to my inquiry.

“In your beg, borrow or steal you never mentioned “Buy” but it sounds like a great trip you have planned and will be an adventure for sure. Without knowing why you picked a cruiser I can’t be sure if it is just your preference or not. But I have a couple of options that may interest you. I have two Kawasaki VN900’s and an FJR1300 that may be a good option and in the price range you will be happy with.”

After riding off this afternoon I did a little tour of the area.  Frematle prison, have to go to prison if your in Australia.  This was not the first place England dropped off it’s undesirables but an important enough site to make the list of World Heritage Sites.  from there rode around a bit until i saw this great brewery.20180203_143335.jpg

Swan Brewing

February 1st

The last few days in Hyderabad were amazing.  I had an opportunity to visit our OSI office and all the wonderful people I had worked with and met many new friends along the way.


January 28th 2018

Ganesh and Krishna picked me up at the airport in Hyderabad last night.  They helped settled me into the The Falcons Nest Lariviera Suites.  I am getting the locals treatment here staying where the locals not the tourist are staying.  The food has been wonderful almost 100% of the time.  I have been experiencing  95% vegetarian over the last 4 months.  They sure make it easy to follow here in India.  I am looking forward to the Hyderabad Biryani known to be the best food in the world.

The other pic is looking out the balcony out my front door.  This is a bit different from Delhi.  Last night we went to the local market.  It was beautiful, all handmade items.  This is the market for locals not the tourist market.  Since I have two months and will be on a motorcycle most of the time I can only look.  At one point I was feeling like a Hollywood celebrity as many youngsters wanted their picture with me.  I also worked in a shop to earn a little pocket change.


January 27 Pardeep and the Old City also known as the Pink City

Pardeep Singh Rathore; Tourist guide for the Jaipur region.  He does tours in English, Spanish and Russian.  Of course the local language.  He comes from the Singh lineage of warriors.  He is continuing his education on tourism and knowledge of the history of Jaipur.  If in town I would highly recommend him.



January 27th 2018

So I was able to do the Golden Triangle tour as you all can see from my posts.  I Checked into the Pearl hotel in New Delhi.  More locals then our of country tourist.  Really happy I came here.  I will introduce the tour company and it’s operator who I worked with for my tour.  Rafiq Khan @ India Private Tours.  You can also call him at +91 98100 69104.  I watched as some of the tourist buses showed up the people got out walked around an amazing site for 30 minutes clicked a few pictures and got back on the bus.  At each stop my driver handed me off to a “local” guide who spent whatever time I needed to see the site.  Spending 4 hours or more as needed.  With one on one personal conversation and such knowledge of the site we are visiting.  As a bit of a history buff now it’s time to grab some books and dig deep and each of these places I was fortunate enough to see.


January 25th 2018

My guide for the tour of Swayambhunath.  Ali  gave me the full tour of the grounds and buildings.  I watched a tour bus come and go in about 30 minutes.  Don’t think they were able to get any understanding of what they were seeing.  Ali gave me a good three hours.


January 13th 2018

A few strange characters stopped by over the weekend to give me a great send off.  Hoping to return to see another motley bunch as this sometime in May.



Peter will have to be mentioned here.  The Aussie mate who helped me find and buy the Yamaha FJR1300.  This mate setup everything so that i am ready to roll as soon as i get there.



October 2017. So we are now hanging out in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.  Currently in the city of Manistique.

So two Yoopers walk out of a bar.  No it can happen, i did not see it but they said on rare occasion

A Yooper in a bar