October 4th Update.

Several days on the road to Michigan. Don the older brother and I left on Saturday and started east. We spent the night with our brother Dan and his wife Teri. Dan just moved from California to Idaho in July. This was the first time we have been able to see his new place. Two car garage with extra and two huge RV garages attached. From Dan’s to Rawlins Wyoming. We hit the road early and made it to Des Moines Iowa. Being a Westie (West Coast Boy) did not realize that the lack of mountains in Wyoming did not mean we were near ocean level. Actually we were at well over 8,500 feet of altitude when the snow came down on us in Laramie. The rumor that a Big Ass Dually truck sucks in the snow has been confirmed. Well we were still able to cover over 775 miles. From there we heading to Indiana to visit the Clifstnian on Lake James. A couple Yuenglings off the tap then off in the boat to Dave’s for dinner. Some might know it as the Hangout. Excellent and for the first time shrimp nachos. Leaving Dave’s and heading back to the castle at 10:00 pm in shorts and a tee shirt. thought I was in California. Woke up and looked down at my feet and saw the lake out the windows of my suite. For a minute I thought I was in Hawaii. It was hard but had to check out of the Clifsonian and head to Muskegon. We are here now spending the night as a “test” run in the new trailer. We will head north for the UP once we are all settled and sign out with the new rig. Destination will depend on the departure time. The dealer has a few things to take care of before we head out.


3 thoughts on “October 4th Update.

  1. I checked this post on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s showing a Title, but no text. Pictures on the front page of the new trailer are gorgeous, though.


  2. … and now the post has more words, but they’re all in the title, rather than the post body. 🙂

    I haven’t been out of state for any appreciable time in my life. The post gave me some interesting insights. Thank you!


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