A few days in San Francisco

After Thanksgiving with my wonderful family in Turlock and a few days in San Jose I headed up to San Francisco to visit Lysondra and Rohit.  The sushi is all vegetables, pretty weird but somehow very good eating.  A few nice pics of the city then took a ride to Sausalito on the ferry to find some Christmas ornaments. I Did find on display for the “City

by the Bay.”  Had to ride the Christmas Cable Car.  Found a few mushrooms and discovered that you don’t have to pay thousands for rent every month.

SF condo.jpg

Met up with some wonderful guys for a great night.  Thanks, Christoph, Dan and Adam.  Missed you Lee.guys.jpg

I also ran across a few of these very noisy guys.  Seals

One thought on “A few days in San Francisco

  1. The funny part is that I get text-only emails (my choice), but I when you said “these noisy guys”, I automatically guessed sea lions. Odd, since I’ve never been down there.

    It looks like a very fun trip!

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