Only two weeks before the first leg starts

Two weeks from now Ruth and I leave Seattle for San Francisco.  There we hope to visit with my brother Don and his wife on Friday if they can make it up from San Jose.  The rest of the weekend we will spend time with our lovely daughter Lysondra and her husband Rohit.  Ruth heads back to Seattle Sunday night and I hit the 10:00 PM flight on the way to Delhi India.  Leg one of a three month journey with a rough plan to visit three countries.  It is exciting to think of what lies ahead over the next 90 days but is it also quite fearful of the unknown.  I have ridden all over the US and Canada on my motorcycle over the last 2 years but never outside North America.  I believe the longest ride in the past was 4 weeks.  This was the ride covering the all of route 66 the year I bought my Yamaha Stratoliner.  Also the year that I asked Gmail for the email address of MCRIDER1300.  This will be important later in my journey, probably around February 2nd.  As of now I have arraigned flights from SF to India to Australia then New Zealand then back to San Francisco.  Seems pretty simple from here. Life is a bit different form the time I took the long ride down the “Mother Rode”.  I am now a bit older and a little less wild then in the years past.  Hoping to find a pillow by 8:00 PM nowadays. I would like to say I am as ready as I was in the years past riding for weeks with no reservations for weeks on end.  But looking at a week in India and 2 months riding across Australia a bit more trepidation then years past.  Well that’s it for today, hoping to get in a paragraph or two each days as soon as I start the trip.

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