Agra to Jaipur


Leaving Agra heading to Jaipur. Nice Hotel in Agra, the Taj Villa.  Everything worked, decent internet and hot shower.  Just had a breakfast with an omelet and Puri. So far ll the food has been excellent.  There was a nice pool downstairs but I did not know it until breakfast.  Would have been nice to jump into a hot tub and pool last night.  Maybe they will have one in Japour.  All the people i have met have been friendly and helpful.  I still can’t get over the crazy roads.  About halfway to Jaipur is Fatehpur Sikri.  This is where Burland Duwarza (gate of t) is located.  This is the tallest gate in the world.  100 years after it was built Shah Jahan commissioned the Taj Mahal.  He modeled his gate after this one.  The gate was built within the city of Fatehpur Sikri.  This was the capital of the Mughul Empire built by Emperor Akbar in 1571.  It took 12 years to build and an additional one year for the gate.  Someone mentioned some animals.  In the US you have to pay to go to the zoo.  Here the zoo comes to you.  I will try to put together a full list of animals so far.  Driving down the highway, two lanes in each direction.  Also a full median well planted.  When not being slowed by a Camel pushing a cart or a Tuk Tuk with 20 people in it we are traveling at normal highway speeds.  I was very surprised to see six cattle walking right down that median.  Somehow we still made Jaipur and the Temple of monkeys.  I have made it to the hotel here in Jaipur, tomorrow heading back to Delhi.  

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