City bus tour January 30th

Early day today as not sure what to expect for transportation  to the Telangana State Tourism office.  Picked up an Uber downstairs just after 5:00 AM.  Once I realized how easy and fast it was had some time for a coffee off a street vendor.  After that cup I am going to make a point of searching these guys out. First stop on the tour was Birla Mandir.  Hindu temple built high on a hill overlooking this big lake with four fountains and a man made island with a giant statue in the middle. Looking it up the lake is called Hussian Sagar.  The statue is of Buddha.  The first thing they did here was take away my shoes, socks and electronics.  No pictures so what you see here is hijacked from another photography.  Next stop was Chomahalla Palace.  Another location where they just don’t like to you to take photos. I do have a couple that you will see.  One of a couple drums, proclamation drums in honor of one of the Nizam”s.  Next we are off to Charminar.  I do have pictures here.  To get up to the upper reaches here you walk up a set of very narrow stairs the circle inside the towers.  The stairs were a bit easier than climbing inside the Baobab tree.Following Chaminar we headed to the museum.  The Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad.

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