Perth to Margaret River Feb. 5th

Got to see the Australian mascot today, before leaving Perth.  A little island in the Swan River.  I wandered around for a long time thinking where are these critters.  Then headed south toward Margaret River WA.  Stopped a few places along the way.  Every time sign said tourist route I took it.  There are plenty of road signs here but street names don’t appear very often.  Got a look at Paron Point.  Very cool you could see so deep into the water.  Looking at the ocean floor and the way it changed from one place to another.  Major wine region for Australia.  I found a backpackers hotel and many of the people here are working the vineyards.  They come from mostly European countries.  Work a bit save some money head somewhere else.  Had a conversation with a young Italian guy.  He said it so expensive if your a bit short of full time you just can’t save.  I stopped for petrol in Cowaramup.  The station attendant was wonderful.  She guided me to a few things here in MR.  Made it to Surfers Point for pictures at sunset.  Aslo got a good vegetarian burger at Baby Burger.  If your in the neighborhood it might be worth a stop.  One of the best buns i have seen on a burger.  I hate it when the bun just falls apart and you only have a soggy mess left.  Got a great sunset off Surfers Point.  Internet is so slow I can hardly update text.  The next couple days I may try updating a bit by phone.  I will be hitting the extreme southwest then start along the Great Australian Bight.  I don’t expect much service tomorrow or the next.  The following I should be back to a real town and ready for a nicer room then I have had so far.  I have had a bed each night whereas I was shooting for camping tonight but the road was rough on me today.  

2 thoughts on “Perth to Margaret River Feb. 5th

  1. What an adventure!!! You are so impressive doing this all alone, but what a way to see new places and make new friends. Continued safety! Enjoy beautiful Australia and its friendly people. If you see a flock of birds with bright pink undersides and grey backs, they are Galahs. When I lived there they were everywhere and some people would find a baby and bring back to the states as a pet. They are about the size of a cockatoo, or smaller. Beautiful birds. Oh yes, budgies (parakeets) were wild there as well. Watching your adventure is bringing back so many memories.


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