A couple day’s in Port Elliot

March 7th One Mile (Port Stephens) to Yamba

Had one of the best meals of the trip in Coffs Harbour for a late lunch.  Great salad and calamari.  Great chips also.  Funny about chips in Australia.  Out side of the big cities chips are big fat fries.  Fries are not heard of down here only chips.  So next question?  what do you call chips like the ones in the bags at the stop and rob?  Aussie answer to that one is “Chips!”

February 15th, 16th Port Elliot

Stayed around the area today.  Took a ride out to Cape Jervis to the West.  Then a ride to the east to Goolwa.  Cape Jervis is where the ferry goes out to Kagaroo Island.  This island is one of the top tourist destinations in the land down under.  You need about 4 days to see the island as well as a four tired vehicle.  At least I was not ready to spend 4 days touring an island with ver little paved road on the bike.  I figured I am going to hard enough on it and myself over the next few weeks.

A beautiful place on the waterfront.  I had a room to myself at the YHA backpackers.  Left my hat at this place.  Steve the guy running the joint sent my hat to Melbourne YA 1,000 KM later I picked it up and life was all in line again.

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