Apollo Bay to Torquay

The rest of the way through the Great Ocean Rode.  This is where all the tourist from the world appear.  By far the most popular site that being the 12 Apostles.  https://visit12apostles.com.au/  Very beautiful, these rocks on the coast of the Bass Straight are just amazing.  12 apostles due to the time they believe there might have been 12 of these.  Currently there are eight.  James, Matthew, Mathias, Judas, John, Paul George and Ringo.  You will also see London bridge in the below pics.  Also a great MC rider I met just before the GOR, Hamish.  We rode a few days together including the Rode and a few days following.  He had come from Perth like me heading across this BAC (Big ass country.  Another one of the “Lone Wolf’s” living on the rode for weeks at a time.


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