Jerramungup to Kalgoorlie

First night camping in the bush.  Came across a few Kangaroo’s beforehitting the sac.  Nice ride in the morning until I hit Salmon Gum.  The sun came out a bit louder then us Satellites can handle.  Made it to the Super Pit just in time to see the “Blast”  I did get a pic. of the dust being blown up.  Amazing how long it took the sound to reach the top.  This is a major operation that I wonder how they can make money when they state that every 7 trucks the gather 1 golf ball size of gold.  One truck tire const 40,000.    I hope to publish more stats shortly.  I guess there are enough trucks making it to the top every day that they pull in about 5 million each day.  That’s a lot of golf balls.

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