Kalgoorlie to Fraser Range

Time to get out of the heat.  After the morning mine tour as the temperature heading up to triple digits i figured it was time to find the coast and not to stray far from it again.  Had to backtrack to Norsman then turned east on Hwy 1, the Eyre Hwy across the Nullabor.  Just about 100 Km from Norsman is the Fraser Range Station.  This “Station” was a sheep shearing property.  The sheep from the range were brought in for a shave here and their wool packed up and sent by camel to Port Malcolm.  Here the wool would be shipped to Adelaide or sometimes even Perth.  For me it was still hot and I was due for a break.  Almost took a room but decided time for a tent in the grass.  Well there was not much grass and no tables around but I was going to ruff it.  Still hot and the bar was open maybe have a beer before setting up then hit the showers.  Well by the time the beer was gone the wind had picked up.  Clouds come up fast and the wind really began to cry Mary.  I have a good backpackers so I braved it a bit and set it up tying it to a post and a tree.  Oh yea, most of the grass is covered by Kangaroo droppings.  Well all set time for dinner.  The station was putting on a fish fry for all interested guests.  My choice was to join in or eat power bars.  Time for a fist fry for me.  This is the dinner we I officially met Hugh and Maureen.  We would see each other time and time again as we cross the Nullabor.  As we enjoyed the fish and company started to here some strange pinging on metal wondering what that might be.  Hugh knew right away.  Not wanting to over pack I could find no need for the rain cover for the tent.  It was time though to get my sleeping bag out and under shelter.  A quick towel dry of the inside and replace the bag ready for a good nights rest.  All good until the Kangaroos came over to eat the grass and leave more of their droppings.  It was really cool getting up at 4 am to be surrounded by these guys.

One thought on “Kalgoorlie to Fraser Range

  1. Never a dull moment! I’ve been following your progress on the map. I hadn’t realized you were going to try to see that much of the continent in one trip.


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